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Welcome to Achieve Academy: Igniting Minds through ACT

As a proud California Distinguished School, Achieve Academy stands as a beacon of educational excellence, illuminating the path for young minds to flourish. Catering to students from TK to 5th grade, Achieve Academy is a cornerstone of the Fruitvale neighborhood, proudly holding a distinguished position as one of Oakland's highest-performing elementary campuses.


Achieve Academy maintains an unwavering dedication to nurturing outstanding growth and learning. Its foundation is built upon the integration of rigorous, research-based curricula across all grade levels. Prioritizing the cultivation of adaptable thinking and proficient problem-solving through an array of diverse strategies, the school community ensures students are fully equipped to overcome the challenges they face.

Why Choose Achieve Academy?


🌟 Empowering Bright Futures and Building Strong Communities:  Achieve Academy nurtures holistic growth, fostering character alongside academics. Embracing a "caring community of learners," the institution supports students' intellectual, social, and ethical development. Committed to both students and families, Achieve provides wrap-around services and forms partnerships, creating a collaborative home-school partnership.

🌟 Learning through Play in ACT Class:  At Achieve Academy, the ACT (Activate Critical Thinking) class introduces a unique approach to learning. It equips students with problem-solving abilities and cultivates versatile thinking. Through engaging projects, students enhance their cognitive skills and showcase their mastery.


The heart of ACT class at Achieve lies in nurturing the fundamental 4 Cs:


🧠 Critical Thinking: Students sharpen their ability to analyze, evaluate, and solve complex problems.

🗣️ Communication: Effective expression and clear articulation of thoughts are emphasized.

 🪄Creativity: Students are encouraged to think innovatively and approach challenges from fresh perspectives.

🫶🏽Collaboration: Building as a team, students master the art of sharing creative space, amplifying their ability to work collectively toward a common goal.

Discover the joyful journey of Achieve Academy and be part of the mission!

Contact Us

Address: 1700 28th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94601

Phone: 510-904-6440

Fax: 510-904-6403

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