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ASCEND: Cultivating Excellence, Nurturing Diversity

ASCEND stands as a remarkable arts-integrated TK-8 school that places a strong emphasis on family and community partnerships. At ASCEND, a vibrant world of learning unfolds, fueled by a deep-rooted mission to nurture a passion for education and cultivate personal agency. Together, the ASCEND community of students, families, and staff embarks on a journey of exploration, growth, and empowerment, embracing both success and failure as integral components of the learning process.

Why choose ASCEND?


🌟 Unveiling Personal Potential through Arts-Integration: ASCEND takes education to new dimensions by seamlessly weaving the arts into every facet of learning. Through an approach that values arts-integration, expeditionary learning, personalization, and social-emotional growth, ASCEND unlocks the full potential of diverse learners, fostering their holistic development.

🌟 Tailored Learning for Individual Success: ASCEND's commitment to personalized learning is palpable in its small group settings and one-on-one interactions. With a visionary pilot program that utilizes multi-age classrooms and flexible learning environments, ASCEND ensures that every student's unique needs are met.

🌟 Enriching Experiences through Extended Learning:  ASCEND offers an exceptional extended learning program, partnering with various organizations to provide access to enriching experiences. The Ascend Afuera Summer Camp, for instance, offers a remarkable range of outdoor camp experiences in arts, culture, sports, recreation, gardening, cooking, and more. Collaborating with professional naturalists, outdoor educators, artists, farmers, and scientists, ASCEND provides students with unique adventures in Oakland parks and public spaces. These experiences foster healthy play, creativity, and a deeper connection to the community and the environment.

Elevate your educational journey with ASCEND – where passion, personal agency, and enriching experiences thrive!

Contact Us

Address: 3709 East 12th Street, Oakland, CA 94601

Phone: 510-879-3140

Join the ASCEND community today!

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