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Strategic Drivers

20210310 HS sent for STRATEGIC DRIVERS p


An instructional program that drives student outcomes

  • Instructional core that includes horizontally and vertically aligned research-based curricula, assessments, and instructional practices 

  • Supportive teaching conditions and aligned resources that include teacher development, collaborative structures, data cycles, and Tier 2 supports.


An inquiry process that drives student outcomes

  • Data management tools, structures and protocols to ensure that we are tracking towards our targets and continually adjusting resources and instruction

  • Development of instructional staff capacity to use data to transform the quantitative and qualitative data into action


A leadership development focus that drives student outcomes

  • Leaders can build a culture of collective efficacy and continuous improvement

  • Leaders have deep of knowledge of Common Core State Standards, content, and pedagogy

  • Leaders use data to drive continuous improvement and decision-making

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